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The Elexon Group of Companies is diverse range of businesses underpinned by technology and innovation, serving a myriad of business sectors.

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Who are we

Elexon Group of Companies is a 100% Australian-owned and operated engineering developer specialising in the design, development and manufacture of a diverse range of high-tech electronics.

Across 15 years of operation, our team has developed countless highly innovative and commercially successful products for a range of industries such as mining, pathology, automotive, acoustic monitoring, water instrumentation and defence.

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Elexon Group of Companies

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Elexon Electronics

Elexon Electronics is a true Australian innovator in design, development and advanced electronic manufacturing, providing pathways used by start-ups through to commercial and military contracting services.


Elexon Mining

Elexon Mining is an internationally renowned developer and provider of in-ground and through-rock wireless monitoring systems for the mining industry.

Elexon Mining’s systems provide invaluable data that empowers mining companies to make well founded decisions to improve safety, efficiency and resource conversion.

Titley Scientific

Our team of engineers and ecologists work closely with experts in the field to create accurate and world-leading equipment for wildlife detection.

We are using our 40 years of expertise in bat monitoring to improve conservation of other fauna such as birds and frogs.

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TPS manufactures scientific-grade, durable and reliable products to ensure water testing is simple and efficient for a wide range of industries.

TPS is a trusted water quality analysis provider of sensors and instrumentation, backed by 50 years of research.

Ambler Systems

Ambler Systems manufacturers the worlds’ first mobile 40-inch battery-powered digital signage platform, WAYO.

WAYO is a mobile digital signboard that helps extend your reach, showcasing vibrant and engaging content displayed on a 40-inch high-definition colour screen.

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Our Story

Elexon was established in 2006. However, its beginnings reach further back. Leigh Bateman, one of the current owners, founded Elexon’s predecessor, IEDEC, in 1992.


Leigh is a brilliant engineer and a local entrepreneur who started his venture at his parent’s Sunshine Coast property and successfully grew the business until 2006 when he was joined by Pieter Kuiper.


Pieter is a successful and accomplished engineer and a project manager who has worked in such specialized industries as space engineering and robotics.


He brought to Elexon his expertise and operational experience from companies like Dutch Space and Boeing Australia.


Pieter and Leigh together created Elexon, which has transformed into the Elexon Group of Companies.

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